PTE Writing Useful Tips

PTE Writing section consists of two item types. One is "Summarize Written Text" and the other one is "Write an Essay". Write an essay using words and phrases appropriate to the context. Use correct grammar and mechanics and organize sentences and paragraphs in a logical way.


Summarize Written Text:

In this item type, you may get 2-3 questions on summarizing the text. It is not very difficult to say just we need some practice on it. Before attempting try at least 10 summarize questions so that you can give your best in the exam. To summarize the text your have 10min for each question, so time is enough.


  • Summarize the text in about 30 words on average. Better not exceed 50 words.
  • Use only one full stop at the end of the sentence.
  • Capitalize the starting words and nouns (Names) in the sentence.
  • Around 30 words for the best answer. ( Min 10 words, Max 50 words)
  • Be aware of Spellings, Plurals, Pronunciations.
  • Concentrate on Topic Sentences, Repeated words.
  • No examples, Reasons, and Illustrations.
  • A summary must be written in third person form. Don't use I, We… etc.
  • Most answers of this section come from the last part so concentrate till the end.
  • Try to summarize each para first. Concentrate on it and make it a single sentence later.
  • Time planning –  3min Planning, 5min writing, 2min checking for mistakes(spelling, grammar).

Writing An Essay:

In the exam you may get one or two questions but not exact. To write an essay you have 20min for each (if 2 questions). 


  • Plan your essay in an order by checking it whether it is an Opinion essay, advantages & disadvantages, or Problem & Solution.
  • Be aware of Spellings, Grammar, Plurals.
  • Use good Vocabulary to score good marks.
  • Essay structure – Intro, Body, Conclusion.
  • Try to write at least 3-5 paragraphs. Intro – 1para, Body – 2-3paras, Conclusion – 1para.
  • Do not use bullet points.
  • In the body, gives examples, reasons, statistics to describe. 
  • Time planning – 3min Plan, 14min writing, 3min checking(spellings, grammar).

Note: To score more marks mainly beware of spellings, grammar, vocabulary.